Dream of Arcadia Cole
Dream of Arcadia, Thomas Cole (1838)

If we forgive the past, perhaps the future will forgive us.

— Jack Mitchell, D #455

I am beginning this blog having just completed an M.A. in Classics under Dr. Mitchell at Dalhousie University, whose aphorism well captures the perspective I wish to promote on this blog.

I wish neither to purify the past nor to censure it — we stand in no position to pass such a final judgement. Rather, in a more active conception, we should begin from life as we know it, and read our past while looking forward with neither arrogance nor apology. The classicist stands at a point on the historical horizon where it becomes very difficult to distinguish between facts and myths, and we should fill that dark and empty space with our best hopes for the future. At The New Antique, I hope to contribute new inspirations to a Greco-Roman legacy too easily praised, too readily dismissed, but too rarely reimagined.

— George Saad