James Garfield — An American Tragedy

It is one thing to be arrogant, imperious, and full of hubris; this much we certainly share with the Romans. But there is something worse in the American experience (the modern experience), something epitomized in the Garfield story. There comes a point where a society can’t make sense of itself, where there is a huge gulf between the system’s internal logic and the results it produces.

Taoism: An Antidote To Popular Hubris

It is now the path of the Tao which is genuinely heroic, though at first it seems passive and anti-heroic. As Homer so beautifully showed us, hubris is the path of death, a path which seems brave, but ultimately degrades itself into a sort of universal mutual aggression, into Hobbes’ famous war of all against all. The book of tragic death has been written many times, while the book of life is still obscure and unknown.

Why We Must Honor the Muses

What ancient societies saw in terms of externalized divine forces, we can adapt into modern psychodynamics — the Muse is most sensitive layer of the psyche, the natural, unedited voice within us we must be humble enough to hear, but courageous enough to follow.